How do you become a member?

Anyone 18 years of age or older is welcome to become a member of our organization. For a minimal time commitment of attendance at one (1) LCCT meeting per year, you will receive 2 free season tickets for the following season! For more information, please call: 262-361-3422 

Lake Country Children’s Theater (LCCT) grew out of the 1983 discussions of an enthusiastic and energetic group of Hartland area citizens, led by Catherine A. Coles. This group wanted to offer quality, live theater experiences to area children in order to foster appreciation of theater and related arts. They chose a life-size mascot, Dugan the Storytale Dragon, to appeal to children and promote the fledgling theater group. Connie Casper, Jim Pierce, Diane & Steve Preisler, Joicelyn Schwager, and Katie Weber were some of the founding LCCT members.


The founders stated LCCT’s goals as:

  1. To increase awareness of and appreciation of the fine arts among adults and children of the Lake Country area.
  2. To coordinate an annual season of theater experiences.
  3. To develop expanded theater programming for skill development.

LCCT has achieved these goals in a variety of ways:

Nicole Johnson, President

Vicky Voelker, Vice President

Meghan Findley, Secretary

Amanda Stack, Treasurer

Patty Giuffre

Cheryl Peterson

Carol Reise-Schouten

Christin Wilhelm

Connie Casper

Linda Hachtel

Joicelyn Schwager